Watercolor Effect


This project was to take a picture of something such as a landscape and transform it into a watercolor design. I wanted to get mostly clouds and some buildings to really exemplify the effect. My goal was to make it look more like a painting than a picture. 

Through photoshop I recreated a typical landscape picture into a watercolor painting. I designed it so the bright colors stood out but the others blended in making it look more natural. 

Photoshop Watercolor Painting Effect


Awesome Colorful Poster


This project was to create a colorful poster that you might see on a magazine cover. I used a tutorial for photoshop to create this specific kind of poster. My mission was to get her and her camera as fiercely and candid as possible. 

I designed it with these specific colors and fonts because they are bold and unique. Although I could have smoothed out the edges around her shape more, the look in her eyes is strong. I wanted it to seem like she was really interested in what she was looking at. 


Lens Flare


The lens flare photo was to put an effect of the shine into the lens. I took a picture of the sun through the trees because it makes the flare look natural. It is basically the sun reflecting off the glass from the camera lens.

The flare really pulls the picture all together to enhance its beauty. I wanted to get the sun perfectly in place of the trees without knowing I would use it for this specific photoshop project. 

Non-Destructive Lens Flare Effect In Photoshop

Polaroid Image


The polaroid picture was to get a stencil of a polaroid so you can attach an image inside of it to make it seem like it is a legit polaroid taken photo. The clouds looked absolutely beautiful with the cotton candy colors shining through. Plus you can see the city lights so it made it look perfect to fit into a polaroid.

My mission for this project was to mainly capture the moment of that night into a quick snap shot. Plus the tree in the corner blends into it and makes the picture more realistic. 


Polaroid Collage


The polaroid collage project was to make a whole picture out of mini polaroid pictures. I took a picture of two girls holding hands but one has a guy’s name written on her forearm. So I made the focus point the name written on her forearm. 

I decided to shoot this picture randomly but I liked the focus point. The polaroids really outline what the picture is supposed to be but in a more detailed way. 

Turn A Photo Into A Collage Of Polaroids With Photoshop



Polaroid Transfer of Prom


The idea of this project was to recreate my prom picture to make it look a bit older. I used the polaroid transfer effect through photoshop to do this. I tried to darken around the edges more to make it a stronger effect.

I used my prom picture because were both smiling and it really gives the happiness effect but with a dark background and frame. I had the tripod set up in order to get me putting my date’s boutonniere on his jacket while also having my corsage showing. 

Photoshop How-To: Recreating Polaroid Image Transfers

Still Life of a Starfish


The still life project was to take a picture of an object that is non living while using different lighting. My idea was to take photographs of a starfish because it is very detailed and intricate. It was a good thing to take pictures of because it will catch the viewer’s attention and make them really look at it with purpose.

I shot the starfish against a burgundy background because the colors blended well together especially with the different lighting. I wanted the focus to be strictly on the starfish and I thought if it was on a black background it would lose its focus.