Hair Photo Essay

Photo Essay

The idea of this project was to tell a story through photographs. This is called a photo essay. I wanted to basically tell people’s stories based on their different hair styles. I focused mainly on people at Valencia so others could see the resemblance  in how they do their hair.

I shot it this way so it was only of their hair and not much else. They did not know it was being taken a lot of the time so it was completely natural. I didn’t want there to be any preparation so that it could be just who they are whether it be lazy, funky, taken time on or natural.




The panning project was to get an object in motion such as a car going by or a person running. I wanted to get the panning pictures of people doing unique things or vibrant cars. The first picture is of a truck driving by and the second picture is an edited motion picture to get a full effect of how fast they are actually going. 

I shot it this way because I wanted to capture the full effect of having something moving but a little brighter than other pictures. The lighting turned out to be great for shooting this panning project!

High Speed Motion Trail Effect With Photoshop

Double Exposure


The double exposure project was to use photoshop to place a landscape picture inside of a portrait picture. I wanted to make it look like the beach was in place of her hair and the waves as what is actually going through her mind. 

I shot her head facing the left to get a good profile of her. I chose the landscape of the beach because the waves are crashing making it seem like that is actually going on in her head. I wanted the viewer to still see her face but realizing what it actually means as the crashing waves fill the rest of her profile.



This project was all about doing portraits of another student. We were supposed to play around with and test different corrections such as spot healing and whitening teeth. My mission was to brighten this photo and change up some of her features. 

I had my model fit into this framer like window and just show her natural beauty. I wanted to brighten her smile just a bit so I whitened her teeth and also brightened the entire image. I wanted her hair to stand out and show the true brown color of it. I also spot corrected a few of her marks from her arms and face to make it clean. Just to add something more I changed the color of her eyes to blue. She has brown eyes but just to mess with photoshop I made her eyes blue.

Self Portrait


The self portrait project was to use 6 different pictures that describe yourself and who you are. The goal of this was to play around with various layers, filters, and action shots. My idea was to base the simple things that I usually us to describe myself. 

I designed it to be bright and only focus on the main parts of my images. When people ask who I am this is basically me. I’m in a relationship, I am known for my blue eyes and freckles, I enjoy the rain, Converse are my go to shoe, my infinity necklace is my favorite piece of jewelry, and lastly I have been on the Varsity Song Team for all four years of high school.

Alternative CD Cover

This project was to make an album for a CD using at least 6 different pictures and creative texts. My goal for my album “The Falls” was to make a setting that’d be unique but also for an alternative album. My original idea was to take pictures from a hike to use for this project.

The hike inspired the title for this album because the whole point of hiking was to make it to the waterfalls.  Therefore the falls hike inspired my whole album all together. I created it this way to capture the vibes of an alternative album but also using text fonts that fit it as well. 

How to Design an Album Cover in Photoshop CC

Man’s Best Friend- Final Cube


The idea for this project was to take multiple shots of random objects or models to make a cube. Using the photoshop filters we I placed 2 or more different types of filters on each picture. Once I did that I placed the finalized pictures into the format of the cube template and printed it.

I designed it to where all of my images are facing the same direction so whoever would look at the cube wouldn’t have to turn it all different ways. I wanted to get the model and his dog during different shots so none of the pictures are similar. The effects of each picture really make he models stand out and show the simple details of it.—frameless,-cheap-and-easy!/